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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wrap up the summer with Fairy Tale Theater at Farmstead Arts in Basking Ridge, Carnival & Eclipse Programs at Bridgewater Library, and Fun Math and Book websites




WHEN: Sunday, August 13th, at 2:00 pm
the English Barn, Farmstead Arts, 450 King George Road in Basking Ridge
TICKETS: $15 for adults and $10 for children under 18.
Tickets are available at www.farmsteadarts.eventbrite.com.

The show is appropriate for the whole family.

For information, please call Kathy Harris, Operations Manager, at 908-636-7576 or send an email to admin@farmsteadarts.org.

Farmstead Arts is pleased to present a Fairy Tale Family Theater production of Telling Tales for young audiences in the English Barn. Telling Tales features the exciting adventures of Grimm’s Fairy Tale characters Henny Penny, The Bremen Town Musicians, The Golden Goose and more! This is an interactive story-teller theatre performance perfect for audiences of all ages. Telling Tales promises to be an afternoon of laughter and fun for the whole family as they follow these characters on their adventures through some of Grimm’s most beloved fables and stories.

This is an interactive story-teller theatre performance perfect for the young people in your life! Bring the whole family and enjoy an afternoon of laughter and fun as we follow these characters on their adventures through some of our most beloved fables and stories.

The barn is wheelchair accessible.  Anyone anticipating the need for additional accessibility services is requested to make a request by sending an e-mail in advance to admin@farmsteadarts.org.

Funds for these events have been made possible in part by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, through the State/County Partnership Local Arts Program Grant administered by The Somerset County Cultural & Heritage Commission.

Many library branches have solar eclipse programs this month.  Search for “eclipse” in the library calendar ( http://sclsnj.libnet.info/events) for details. The Bridgewater Library and the RVCC planetarium (https://www.raritanval.edu/general-information/newsroom/rvcc-planetarium-gears-up-viewing-total-solar-eclipse) will be set up for viewing from 1-4 p.m. on August 21st.  You can also get a head start this Tuesday at Bridgewater library.





Encourage Math Fun Everyday with Bedtime Math – Bedtime Math books are also available at Bridgewater Library.

One of the coolest, juiciest summer treats is watermelon. This giant fruit grows out of a flower on a plant, so it's actually a berry. You may have tried watermelon, but we bet you've never tried to make one explode. Crazy Russian Hacker and his brother strapped lots and lots of rubber bands around a watermelon. Eventually the rubber bands squeezed the watermelon so tightly that they crushed it. This video shows the guys nervously strapping the rubber bands onto the waiting watermelon. Watch to see the explosion in slow motion -- and the cool rubber band ball it makes at the end!

Wee ones: Find 3 green things in your room, and line them up from smallest to biggest.

Little kids: If your watermelon slice has 7 seeds and your friend's slice has 9 seeds, whose has more seeds?  Bonus: If you've just strapped the 12th rubber band onto your watermelon, what number rubber band comes next?  

Big kids: If the guys just strapped on the 60th rubber band, what number band came 3 bands before that one?  Bonus: The world's record-breaking watermelon weighed 350 pounds. How much more than you does it weigh?


Wee ones: Items might include clothes, leaves or blades of grass, crayons or Lego. Try lining them up! 

Little kids: Your friend's slice.  Bonus: The 13th band.

Big kids: The 57th band.  Bonus: Different for everyone...subtract your weight in pounds from 350!

More Ways to Get Bedtime Math!

The bestselling Bedtime Math books: A trilogy of the same fun, offbeat math, plus a new fourth book for older kids!

The app:
A whole archive of math problems, with colorful animations and cool sound effects.  Check it out here at the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Google Play for Android!

The website: Find all your favorite bedtime math problems (BMPs) at www.bedtimemath.org.

Facebook: One more way to get your daily BMP fix.

Looking for some fun book related websites? check out these favorites!

clip_image002 The Roald Dahl Literary Estate presents things to read, watch make, and play -- the online Twits game is simple, fun and funny.

clip_image003 The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation website includes online read-alouds, video, craft ideas and lesson plans, and a great “video game” helping Peter sled down the hill without running into any trees.

clip_image005 Seussville has dozens of interactive games and activities for both the familiar and less well-known tales.


Pigeon Presents. Mo Willems fans will love helping Pigeon with hot dog toppings, covering up that naked mole rat, or having a dance party with Elephant and Piggie and read, listen, color and play with these kooky creatures!

Looking for pictures from this summer's Fairy Tale Engineering series? You can see them here.

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