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Friday, August 5, 2016

Edible Print-Making Fun in Branchburg moved to this Sunday, “Miss Carol” Brings Songs & Stories to the 4H Fair next week and the Summer Wraps Up with a Bang at Bridgewater Library—Dance Party, Bubble Fun, Juggling, Legos, Building Big with Spaghetti & Marshmallows, Drive-In Movie, Mad Science and our Summer Carnival Beckon!


Just in: Printmaker Fun Fair has been moved to the rain date of Sunday August 7th!

 Printmaking Festival


August 10-11-12, 2016

North Branch Park, Milltown Road, Bridgewater, N.J.
Please Leave Your Pets at Home!

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Free Family Fun!

Since 1948, thousands of visitors have enjoyed the Somerset County 4-H Fair. The fair has grown and changed, but there are still no admission or parking fees, no midway or carnival rides. This fair recognizes the accomplishments of 1,000 Somerset County 4-H members and is a showcase for visitors to see a wide variety of 4-H projects in action.

Bridgewater Librarian “Miss Carol” will be doing songs and stories in the County Tent at the 4H Fair Wednesday August 10th at 10:30 a.m.

Miss Carol & friends sing a  Raffi’s “Down by the Bay.” 
"Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose? Did you ever see a fly wearing a tie?  Did you ever see a bear combing his hair? Did you ever see a whale with a polka-dotted tail?  Did you ever see llamas eating their pajamas? Did you ever see a spider drinking apple cider? Did you ever have a time when you couldn't make a rhyme...down at the fair!

Maps and schedules of daily events such as dog, horse, and livestock shows are available in the information tent. Twirling, go karts, rockets, magic, model airplanes, R.C. cars, model trains, and other 4-H clubs compete and perform. The Arts Tent, Science Tent, and Prep Tent (for the youngest 4-H'ers) are packed with exhibits, activities for visitors, demonstrations, and performances. Ten other 4-H tents house a variety of animals including dairy cows, beef, alpaca, horses, dogs, herpetology, sheep, goats, poultry, rabbits, and small animals. Most animal tents have a petting area and information about how to join 4-H.  Under the big top, over 20 community organizations offer a wide variety of meals and snacks. All day, professional and amateur entertainment can be enjoyed.

"Avoid the Fuss, Enjoy the Bus!"  To make getting in and out of the fairgrounds as easy as possible, free shuttle buses run from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. each day of the Fair from Raritan Valley Community College Rt. 28, North Branch. For more information about the fair, how to join 4-H or how to volunteer to assist, call the 4-H Office at: 908-526-6644.

@ The Bridgewater Library

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Note: we plan to go outside and play with bubbles on August 9th and build towers with spaghetti and marshmallows on August 16th.  If the weather is poor on the 9th, these two programs will be reversed.

Click HERE for more info. or to sign up for these programs.








Don’t forget to log your books and minutes in the SUMMER READING CLUBS. Not registered? You can still sign up at the library or online anytime.







In the Community:

Printmaking Festival

Just in: Printmaker Fun Fair has been moved to the rain date of Sunday August 7th!

Inks you can eat, a chance to make art from marshmallows, good food and a hands-on celebration of printmaking are among the fun activities to be offered at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey’s first-ever printmaking and food festival, set for Saturday, Aug. 6, from 12-4 pm.  “We are having such fun developing edible inks and creative ways to make a print using fun foods like marshmallows and hot dogs,” commented Sandra Fernandez, Director of PCNJ.

A variety of foods will be provided by Branchburg-based vendors at PCNJ’s inaugural fundraising festival, on the PCNJ grounds at 440 River Road.  There will be a wide variety of art stations, many of which will be using food, with opportunities for both children and adults to create their own works of art. This event represents a pivotal decision made by Printmaking Center of NJ to become more involved in the local community while it continues to raise awareness of the fine art of printmaking in diverse ways. 

Adrian Chin, local printmaker, will share his secret of printing on cotton candy - it’s not all gooey and sticky!  Other local printmakers, Rachel Heberling, Michelle Lee, Judy Nylen and Len Lesko will work along with festival-goers who are curious to try their hand at printmaking using the sophisticated printing presses in the PCNJ studios.  Branchburg residents will finally know what goes on inside that gray building on River Road between the rickety bridge and the train station.

Did I Print That?” a pop-up art exhibit of print works on paper from area campers and students, will be on display in the PCNJ galleries. Tours of the PCNJ studios will be given throughout the day by studio docents.  

The rain date for the festival is Sunday, Aug. 7.

About Printmaking Center of New Jersey (PCNJ):
PCNJ is a 43-year-old non-profit, internationally recognized art organization that provides equipment, supplies, education and professional technical assistance necessary for all printmaking techniques.  It also houses a growing collection of fine art prints and two galleries, and serves as home base for traveling art programs serving veterans and children throughout New Jersey.



Looking for more things to do around our community this summer?  Check out the “events” listings in the “Useful Links for Families” at the right side of  our blog: bwlibys.blogspot.com/

enews_header.jpg FREE SUMMER MOVIES

TUE, AUGUST 2, 2016 AT 10:30AM & 7PM


TUE, AUGUST 9, 2016 AT 10:30AM & 7PM


TUE, AUGUST 16, 2016 AT 10:30AM & 7PM



SCPC2013 Summer Concert Series
It would not be summer without music in the park! Bring lawn chairs and picnic baskets and enjoy a variety of musical performances in Duke Island Park in Bridgewater. For further information on the concerts, please call 908 722-1200. Individuals with hearing/speech impairments may call the Relay Service at 711. Over the weekends, in case of threat of inclement weather please call 908 722-1200 ext. 7. We also post weather updates on Twitter and Facebook. This concert series is made possible by the generous donation of the Somerset County Park Foundation, with contributing funding from Magic 98.3 WMGQ, Hyatt House Branchburg, The Courier News, and Horizon Services.


7pm - 8:30pm

This band has been bluesin' and rockin' since 1976! Led by legendary New Jersey Blues Hall of Fame singer, songwriter, and guitarist Joe "Zook" Zuccarello, Blues DeLuxe has performed on both the small stages of local pubs, and also joined world famous artists on the giant stages of festivals and concert halls, including Muddy Waters, James Cotton, Sam and Dave, and Junior Walker & The Allstars. Blues DeLuxe includes horn players, keyboardists, and the occasional down and dirty blues harp. Come hear some of the best original and classic Blues known to man, woman or child!


7pm - 8:30pm

Bring your appetite – for great food and music! A variety of food trucks selling a range of culinary delights will be on hand beginning at 6pm to start the festivities. Then the music begins at 7pm. Tramps Like Us brings more than 25 years of musicianship that have won this band the hard-earned distinction of the most revered Bruce Springsteen Tribute band. Given high praise by dozens of publications, radio stations, and music industry personnel, they are the only tribute band to be endorsed by the official Springsteen Radio Station: E Street Radio on Sirius XM. The group captures the classic Springsteen sound, and remains true to the spirit and energy of the music, while delivering songs with the passion and conviction of the Boss.

More info here: www.somersetcountyparks.org/eventsPrograms/concert/Concert.html



Remembering the Ladies: A Coloring Book celebrating women in American political history -- from Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates by Carol Simon Levin

Artwork copyright Laura DavidsonArtwork copyright Laura Davidson

“Miss Carol” is working on a new project – a coloring book for kids, teens, and adults.  In addition to a coloring page, each entry will include a short biography, a fascinating fact and a quote by the woman.  It will also include suggestions for further reading for kids, teens, and adults and a note where a museum dedicated to her can be found (if one exists).    If you would like to learn more – or if you are an artist and might like to contribute a page about one of the courageous and tenacious women in our nation’s history -- please visit: tinyurl.com/rememberingtheladies

Remembering the Ladies: A Coloring Book project video thumbnail

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Today marks the start of the 31st Olympic Games. People who are great at sports have come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from all over the world to see who is the fastest, strongest, and best. Runners run, swimmers swim, gymnasts do flips. The winner in each sport gets a gold medal. They even have trampoline jumping, just to give more of us a chance at being good at something. 207 countries are sending more than 11,000 athletes to compete. That sounds like a lot of people, but think of it: they had to be the best out of 8 billion people! As they try to win the gold medal, victory will all come down to the numbers.

Wee ones: The flag for the Olympics has 5 rings. What numbers would you say to count them?

Little kids: If you can run down the block in 5 seconds, and your friend runs it in 7 seconds, which of you ran it faster?  Bonus: If the Summer Olympics happen every 4 years, in what year will we see the next Summer Olympics? See if you can count up from 2016!

Big kids: There are 4 different diving events, with gold, silver, and bronze medals for men and the same for women. How many different medals will be won for diving?  Bonus: 550 American athletes are competing, and 467 Brazilian. How many athletes are the 2 countries sending together?


Wee ones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Little kids: You ran faster, since you took fewer seconds.  Bonus: In 2020.

Big kids: 24 medals, since there are 12 for men and 12 for women.  Bonus: 1,017 athletes.

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