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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thrilling Science at RVCC Theater Tonight plus Storytimes, Movie Makers and a Comic Con Coming Soon at Bridgewater Library.


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LIVE WIRE! The Electricity Tour

…a complete delight, enthralling the youngsters in the crowd with his demonstrations, while keeping the adults amused with his hilarious running commentary.

LIVE WIRE: The Electricity Tour
Doktor Kaboom!
Friday, March 11 at 7PM
Tickets: $15 General Admission

Nothing says science like KABOOM!  Doktor Kaboom! Creatively blending theatre arts with the wonders of scientific exploration, Doktor Kaboom's supercharged (and super safe!) science experiments will have you erupting with laughter and bubbling with curiosity.  In LIVE WIRE: The Electricity Tour, Doktor Kaboom will explore the fundamentals of electrical energy and the history of humanity’s adventures into its potential. Topics covered include: safety; Tesla; Edison; Faraday; lightning bolts, current; voltage; conductive and non-conductive media; electrical arcs; light emission; sparks; resistance; magnetic fields, electric generators: mechanical energy to electrical energy; electromagnetic coils and conductors.

March Star Madness

With the luck of the stars, the Planetarium steps into March with star filled shows for everyone! Come join us at RVCC Planetarium and join in this years March Star Madness!

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Weather permitting, 3M Observatory will be reopened to the public on Saturday evenings 

Little Star that Could & Laser Pop Rock

Saturday afternoon shows just for the family.  

"Little Star that Could" at 3:00 pm

"Laser Pop Rock" at 4:00 pm

(recommended for ages 6 and older)

Black Holes

Saturdays, Mar  12, & 19 7:00 pm

Take a virtual tour through space and explore the science and mystery of black holes: Where do they come from? How do we find them? Is there one on Earth's horizon?
(Recommended for ages 8 to adult)


What's up in the Sky?

Jupiter is at opposition on March 8th, when it will be above the horizon all night long. On March 1st, Jupiter rises 26 minutes after sunset. By March 31st, Jupiter rises 2 hours and 21 minutes before sunset.

Mercury is at superior conjunction March 23. When it comes out from behind the sun it's relatively bright and due to the high angle of the ecliptic, climbs quickly. Mercury may be spotted very low in the western sky by the end of the month.

Morning Planet Extravaganza Continues!

Four planets can be spotted simultaneously at the start of March. Venus is low in the eastern-southeastern skies at mid-twilight, rising just one hour before the Sun on March1st. By the end of March, Venus will rise a little over a half an hour earlier than the Sun.

Saturn and Mars continue to move closer to each other. the gap between these two planets will shrink throughout March. Jupiter in the west, drops closer to the horizon each day. On the last day of March, you can spot Venus and Jupiter at the same time on the opposite sides of the sky.

Last Quarter Moon: March 1 

New Moon: March 9

First Quarter: March 15

Full Moon: March 23

Last Quarter Moon: March 31

Planetarium at Raritan Valley Community College | 908-231-8805 | planet@raritanval.edu | www.raritanval.edu/planetarium 


All ages challenge – stop by the library on March 14th and recite Pi to the farthest number you can memorize.  We’ll keep score and give you a medal for trying! Celebrate International Pi Day with  stories,  mathematical art and fun! Everyone from Preschoolers to Pre-teens will have lots of fun things to do.  Monday, March 14, 2016
4:30 - 5:30 PM Register





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